Tenant Beware

Tenants Beware: There is so much to know when renting a home. Here are a few things to help make it all smoother. Do your research and COME PREPARED!

Tenants should:

  • Pre-qualify yourself by income- A good rule of thumb for renters is your gross income should equal or exceed 3 times the rent. This leaves two thirds (2/3) of your income for all those other things like utilities, car payments, credit card, food, clothing, entertainment and hopefully, some savings for the future. Any less money, and you don’t have much left for anything else. An exception to this is if you have other government income (food stamps) or a housing voucher like section 8 in which case you have to alter the formula slightly.  In general however your household would need to make $1200 monthly income to afford $400 in rent, $1500 to afford $500, $1800 to afford $600, $2100 to afford $700, $2400 to afford $800, $2700 to afford $900, $3000 to afford $1000, $3600 to afford $1200, $4500 to afford $1500 and $7500 to afford $2500.
  • Check your credit- You are entitled to one free credit report per year, per credit reporting agency, or if you have been denied credit. Go to www.annualcreditreport.com on line, phone 1-877-322-8228 or by mail: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. There is a small fee to get your Credit Score. Following are the phone numbers for the three major credit reporting agencies: Experian (TRW): 1-800-682-7654, Trans Union: 1-800-888-4213 and CBI/EQUIFAX: 1-800-685-1111.  You do have the right to directly dispute with the consumer reporting agency the accuracy and completeness of any information furnished by that agency.
  • Please bring photo-copies of the following documents: Drivers license; Social Security card; Pay stub and/or other Proof of your Income. If you are self-employed, Copies of the past two (2) years income tax returns and the last six bank statements. Have all of the above information with you if you want to fill out the rental application at the property.
  • Discuss if you have PETS before the showing. We will require photos of all pets with application.
  • Look over a map online if you are not familiar with the areas of the properties you are interested in and drive by the property first and check the location and neighborhood yourself before making an appointment to view it. The available rentals posted on this website will have maps
  • Read over the entire description for each property. We made it long on purpose so that we can answer most of the commonly asked questions and keep you wasting time visiting a property that you would never choose if you new the full details.
  • If you live out of town use someone that can look at the property for you. Perhaps a relative, friend or employer. Rental applications approved “sight unseen” are binding unless the application is subject to or contingent upon your inspection. Properties will continue to be offered for rent until the application is firm.

Tenant should never:

  • Ask if the neighborhood is safe. Property Managers and owners cannot answer that question because of potential liability. Either call the local police department and check with the sheriffs office for data.
  • Lie about a bad situation. The truth will work in your favor – there are some Property Managers and owners that are more liberal than others in understanding and working with problems.
  • Say that you are desperate and must have a rental now, or show up at the showing in a U-Haul truck. It may suggest that you have been evicted.

Here are some frequently asked questions

How long will it take to process the application?
Online applications are typically approved 1 hour to 2 business days if they are complex. Paper applications create extra administrative delay.

Who has to apply?
All residents over 18

I have bad credit should i still apply?
Usually yes. We approve tenants based on if we think they can and will pay us and take care of the home. You are more than a score.

I have criminal issues should i still apply?
Sexual predators and violent crimes are mandatory turn downs. Other crimes it depends on when and the severity as well as overall profile and individual owner preferences.

I have an eviction should I apply?
There will almost always be an automatic turn down if there is an eviction in the last 12 months.  Any other eviction must have a verifiable explanation that assures owner it won’t happen again.

I have no job should I still apply?
Not unless you can pay a years rent up front or have other offsetting income factors such as a housing voucher. Generally tenants must have 3 times the rental payment in monthly income.

What work are you planning on doing to this property?
If you expect work before move in, you should confirm this with the front office at (440) 427-0123 before bringing deposit and it should be written into the lease. Showing assistant will often not even know what work is planned to still be done, if any. You should assume that the home is being rented in its showing condition. The sames goes for presence and condition of appliances.

I have pets can I rent this property?
This varies per owner. Consult OhioRental.info for latest information. If it isn’t clear then call (440) 484-5800.

I see different ads for this property offering different terms and/or prices?
The internet is an odd place and unfortunately there are a lot of scams. Ultimately we go off our own ForRentOhio.com website and you will receive the terms, conditions and prices showing on our own website at time of you put down deposit.

How can I follow up on application I have made?
Email apps@rtsl.us. Please give us 2 business days however before following up unless there is additional information to add to the application.

If I am not approved will my application fee be returned?
No it will not be returned as that goes to our credit reporting company for obtaining your report and that covers the costs involved.

How long will my “deposit” hold the property?
To reserve a property you will pay a premises hold fee which holds the property for two weeks.This is applied towards your deposit or rent when you move in if there is a zero deposit special.  If you need more time to move in this will have to be specifically approved and will require additional fee. If you do not move in, in the required time, the fee will NOT be refunded. No exceptions.

How soon can I schedule a lease signing?
Please allow 2 business days after reserving your home to schedule a lease signing although there may be times where we can put you on the schedule sooner if time allows.